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March 25, 2009



Thank you so very much for posting the information and pictures regarding the Florida Fox Squirrel. We just had one of these walk and then stop....look at us on our back porch and then run across our backyard and the neighbors backyard to a wooded area. Unfortunately we did not get a picture but will try and maybe we can also post it on this very informative site. We are located in the west end of Jefferson County several miles from Leon County in the Big Bend Region of Florida.

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Im kinda scared with these creatures. Do they bite?

Tony Ris

Saw a Fox Squirrel at Eastwood Golf Course in Fort Myers.

Susan Keating

Has anyone actually tested the DNA to proove that it is indeed a squirrel?
First time I saw one I thought it was an escaped lemur from a zoo, with it's (sort-of) stripped tail and size, but more because of it's uncharacteristic behavior.

Jim Davis

I have found this site by accident as I reied to identify an absolutely bizarre squirrel-like animal in my neighborhood this morning here in Mobile, Alabama. I found it alreight - its a Sherman Fox Squirrel - darndest thing I ever saw, and huge as squirrels go. Just out digging around a neighbors lawn. Have these creatures been reported in these parts before? Don't know if I'll have the chance to check this board again, so if you want to know more, email me at jdavis@jaguar1.usouthal.edu and put 'squirrel' in the subject line...

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