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March 26, 2009


Robert Giles

There is a new report of a "ton of Sherman fox squirrels" at a golf course at Brooksville. http://tinyurl.com/crjezd

Many people have reported sightings in "comments" to that previous post. I appreciate very much the interest and the reports as we build an informal data base on the current range of the species.

Jamie Mathis

07/31/10 We have fox squirrels in our very rural area of northern, Gilchrist County, FL. Our neighbors (5-10 acres away) have them, but we've never had them on our property, just the run-of-the mill squirrels.
Today, I saw a brand new one, drinking from the deer bucket and deer corn we put out. At first I thought it was our siamese cat (dark face, cream body, dark tail) but realized it wasn't. I got the binoculars out and thought at first, it was a monkey! A closer look revealed a squirrel. I have never seen this species in this area at all. After some research on the web, I am beginning to think it is a Sherman Fox Squirrel. I hope to get some pictures, as it has come back, several times today, to eat more. Where should I send pictures, since I understand this may become an endangered species?

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There's a pair in Yalaha. Just west of Lake Harris, off of Number 2 road. Several sightings over the past 2 months. Just hope they stay 1 step ahead of the Coyotes.

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